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Dr. Sal's Magic Creme - Black 32 oz.
Brand new technology makes Dr. Sal's Magic Polishing Creme for floors & walls an easy way to polish and safely restore & maintain a brilliant shine on marble and granite after honing.

Dr. Sal's Magic Creme - Black 32 oz.

  • is specifically designed for the restoration Professional and building service Contractor that makes life simple! Dr. Sal's Magic creme is a brand new floor and wall natural stone restoration product that safely restores and maintains a brilliant shine on marble & granite and other stone surfaces. It is truly the first of its kind. The creme contains several compounds and special abrasives that can polish a granite floor or wall after it has been honed.

  • 32 Ounces Clear $ 100.00
    5 Gallon Clear $ 470.00
    32 Ounces Black $ 100.00
    5 Gallon Black $ 470.00


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